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Over 17 years of combined BTL marketing, creative design, and fabrication experience


Dole Dried

Dole Dried

3M Tacs

3M Tacs

We are a

results-driven company

We embrace each of our client’s story like it were our very own, and from there, PASSION for the brand drives us to strategically plan and organize all the needs of your activation into a symphony with a singular message.

When simply “telling” your brand’s story isn’t enough, CreativePro takes your customers closer to your brand through product samplings, live events, exhibitions, sales promotions, etc.


Our clients come to us (and come back to us) because we DELIVER the highest possible quality of service with utmost cost efficiency.


"We build partnerships through the conceptualization and implementation of creative, strategic, and cost-efficient marketing solutions while maintaining social responsibility"


"We are bound to lead the industry through our creative, strategic, and cost efficient solutions while promoting integrity and mutual benefit in our partnerships with Clients, Employees, Suppliers, Shareholders, and the Community"

Key Officers

Mary Ann O. Baesa

General Manager


Geraldine P. Valiente

Chief Operating Officer


Marco Leandro D. Nadal

Chief Marketing Officer

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Ma. Elizabeth O. Orlain

Finance Head